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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Current Culture Under Current Hydroponic System

I was checking out some video's from some popular growers and seen a video by Urban Grower featuring the Current Culture Under Current Hydroponic System. I was very impressed with what I seen and thought it would be something my readers would like so I am going to give you all the 411 on this system.

This system is definitely not something beginners should jump right into, but for those of you who like hydro and have experience might like a system like this. The system is not cheap at all, but as you may have heard before, you get what you pay for.

Current Culture H2O brings you the revolutionary Under Current modular hydroponic system. This invention breaks new ground in the world of hydroponics. The Under Current combines the Deep Water Culture technique with our patent pending Sub-Current Culture method to create a truly unique style of plant cultivation.

The Under Current is the industries first and only pump driven, recirculating, Modular Sub-Current Culture system. Its designed specifically to accommodate H.I.D. lighting foot prints. Each systems appropriate pairing is as follows... 4 site (600 watt), 4XL (1000watt), 6 site (1000 watt), 6XL (2x600 watt), 8 site (2x 600 watts), 8XL (2x1000 watt), 12 site (3x600 watt or 2x1000 watt) and 12XL (3x1000 watt). The Under Current is easily compatible with any Neptune Series Reverse Osmosis units and/or Aquifer 100 gallon Reservoir System.

How It Works

This innovative system circulates literally hundreds of gallons of solution per hour beneath plant roots. An inline Danner Mag Drive pump provides peripheral negative pressure by thrusting nutrients back to a return module (Epicenter). From there the solution is drawn from module to subsequent module, causing a type of perpetual fluid motion. 8 gallon growth modules are interconnected by 2" conduit, allowing nutrients unobstructed passage through the plants root zone.

The Under Current supercharges the solution with dissolved oxygen, creating a hyper aerobic condition ideal for beneficial microorganisms. Constant, 24/7 nutrient circulation ensures that pH and EC are uniform throughout the entire system. Each Under Current includes the powerful D.W.C (Deep Water Culture) Aeration Kit. This convenient kit enables growers to use the deep water culture method in conjunction with our patent pending Sub-Current Culture application.

System Benefits

  • Hybrid Deep Water Culture /Sub-Current Culture method
  • Provides unmatched dissolved oxygen levels
  • 8 gallon growth module allows for maximum root development
  • Circulates hundreds of gallons of solution per hour, keeping mineral/oxygen ratio consistent throughout system
  • Grows huge ”specimen” type hydroponic plants
  • Perfect for greenhouse or H.I.D. lighting foot prints
  • Super charged oxygen levels ensure that beneficial microbes flourish
  • System is available in many different sizes.

So you can get a better idea of how the system looks, I have the video of Urban Grower showing the system and how it works. To see more video's like this visit our Video Page. Enjoy


  1. Quite true, but home hydroponics are a lot easier as well. Thank you for giving readers the facts of this effective plant growing method.

    1. Your right, and your very welcome! There are other methods of growing hydroponics that are cheaper and easier. I always recommend soil for beginners because its more forgiving and easier to learn with.

      Thank you for visiting Cannabis Country and leaving us a comment.

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